Firstly 10am. Breakfast club

Rektor Ivar Björkman will come and visit us and discuss what the school is doing against the fees for international students. This is your chance to meet and discuss the developments quality of the school. An informal conversation over a cup of tea.

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Secondly 6pm. The Hard Way to Enlightenment

This evening we will screen “The Hard way to Enlightenment” a short movie by Stephan Dillemuth. This film will be shown in english and there are unfortunately no subtitles. However there will be lots of popcorn, soda pops and hångel to compensate language barriers.

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A.S.A.P: TUITION FEES are here! watch out, soon we all have to pay!

Week 10 in Atelje 10 at konstfack.

Monday: 5pm until late —- Opening Party, Student movements moves As Soon As Possible! Protest dj´s & cheap beer 10 kr.

Tuesday: 10am Open doors: GRRR… Relax Recover Read React.
6pm Enlightenment Hearts, Soul, Soul & Sole, Reading Group, love is promised. Please click here for downloading the essay that will be read at the meeting and here for more details about Enlightenment Hearts. All welcome.

Wednesday: 10am Breakfast with Ivar, Rektor will straighten out question marks over a cup of coffee. “The Hard Way to Enlightenment” by: Stephan Dillemuth, popcorn, soda pops and hångel.

Thursday:10 am Wild Horses, Student lead course: A continuation of writing the course plan. 1pm Mejan visting, rector Måns Wrange and Mejan Students visiting to discuss the current situation, all welcome.

Friday: 1pm Make a sound! Remapping process with tea, good conversations and political radio… 3pm yourtube marathon. 5pm (we heard a rumor of a GDI party lets tag it).

Through out the week will we map a plan for how we can develop the work, there will also be a small library with related texts and a photo booth will be installed documenting the last international students at Konstfack.

and more will come!

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