‘The structure of a frame’

I would like my proposal ‘The structure of a frame’ to be considered at Konstfack’s next scholarship committee meeting. The funding of 265 900 Swedish crowns will go towards the costs of studying for one year on the masters programme at Konstfack and towards the application fee of 900 Swedish crowns.

During this project I will continue to develop my research, which explores notions of what transpositional possibilities can be.

‘The structure of a frame’ is part of an ongoing research project entitled: Intersectional Structures; The Politics of Space. This research consists of a series of events, through which I aim to question the crucial role that ‘location’ and ‘positioning’ play in the production of art and culture. In an artwork later this year ‘I decided’ to elaborate on the discussion of what location is and how it can be publicly discussed. Although un-concluded ‘it aimed’ to discuss how collective working strategies within artistic production can create ‘Public’.

One of the focus points for this project is to look at the new reform agenda regarding tuition fees for non European students. I consider this to be part of a larger context which leads to a privatization of thinking. This economical change will have a huge impact on the working conditions within the academy and also within society at large. The new circumstances risk establishing an economic border and consequently may bring into question the fundamentals of a democratic society.

In the forthcoming production, as part of the Masters programme at Konstfack, I will aim to focus more on concepts related to ‘positions’ and ‘position-taking’ as a mode of intersectional thinking. I am especially keen to develop a thesis that explores the crucial role played by economic constraints, in allowing transpositional possibilities to exist, within the field of knowledge production.

The project will perform an occupation of space, as a political act. It will begin by inviting thinkers from various backgrounds to a series of talks, on the cultural economy and the importance of taking a position. This think tank will provide the platform for the ongoing research. A forthcoming publication will later be produced which will aim to ‘demonstrate’ the various transpositional perspectives that will arise from ‘The structure of a frame’.

On this endeavor I would appreciate your support.

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