A.S.A.P: TUITION FEES are here! watch out, soon we all have to pay!

Week 10 in Atelje 10 at konstfack.

Monday: 5pm until late —- Opening Party, Student movements moves As Soon As Possible! Protest dj´s & cheap beer 10 kr.

Tuesday: 10am Open doors: GRRR… Relax Recover Read React.
6pm Enlightenment Hearts, Soul, Soul & Sole, Reading Group, love is promised. Please click here for downloading the essay that will be read at the meeting and here for more details about Enlightenment Hearts. All welcome.

Wednesday: 10am Breakfast with Ivar, Rektor will straighten out question marks over a cup of coffee. “The Hard Way to Enlightenment” by: Stephan Dillemuth, popcorn, soda pops and hångel.

Thursday:10 am Wild Horses, Student lead course: A continuation of writing the course plan. 1pm Mejan visting, rector Måns Wrange and Mejan Students visiting to discuss the current situation, all welcome.

Friday: 1pm Make a sound! Remapping process with tea, good conversations and political radio… 3pm yourtube marathon. 5pm (we heard a rumor of a GDI party lets tag it).

Through out the week will we map a plan for how we can develop the work, there will also be a small library with related texts and a photo booth will be installed documenting the last international students at Konstfack.

and more will come!

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